How to Hack Online Roulette

By 10 June 2020

Call it hacks, call it cheats, the bottom line is that our advice works. It is an entirely new approach that doesn’t give you fake promises of how to predict roulette numbers or how to place the perfect bet that will come in 100% of the time… that’s all baloney. This ‘hack’ is all about the system that works against you.

How Casinos Online Work

There are some facts to contend with before understanding and implementing this process.

Fact 1. All casinos are built with a management tool. This tool creates a player profile, essentially it knows everything you do, what you spend and can afford to spend, it knows what you win and what you lose when playing, it knows the times you play and how long for, it records your gaming history and the algorithms know what you’ll be playing next.

Good casino, bad casino, legal casino, illegal casino, it is unavoidable, and this happens to every player. So, you may as well opt for a legit site if this is taking place, so take your pick from those found right here, as they offer licensed and regulated casinos that are legal on the South African market.

How Games are Programmed

Fact 2. All games are built the same. Yes, even the crap games, the best games, they are all programmed with algorithms which work in tandem with the casino’s management tool. So even at quality casinos, there is no escaping the modern technologies which produce massive amounts of data.

So how does all this reflect on Roulette games? When you play online roulette, the algorithms are determining when you win or lose based on past data. The algorithms generate numbers for both the game and the outcome. When these two serial numbers match, you win, however, this system can generate up to a billion numbers. Now this sounds a lot but consider that the roulette game your playing is also available in hundreds of other casinos around the world being played by many players.

There are a number of examples that give this system away and it helps us to form the hack which we are soon to divulge.

When you win big playing roulette, you almost have to spend that same amount and lose, to see a return after. It’s a balance of play done with all casino games; you get out what you put in quite literally.

Signs in the games default setting also give the programming away. Play roulette and any other game and change the default value of the bet and it will remain there for weeks and not reset. This is to keep the data in line and your profile undisturbed by resetting.

The last indication comes from the success rate of new players. New players win all the time. The casinos want this to happen, so they, (the players) stay to play. It also happens because no data is in the profile to calculate with it should or shouldn’t payout.

How to Beat Both Casino and Game

Fact 3. For the hack to work, data must be removed! This is entirely simple; it is not in any breach of the casino rules and terms. So, follow these easy steps….

  1. Sign up to an online casino.

  2. Focus only on playing the popular roulette games as they pay more frequently.

  3. When you win big, end the game and move onto the next.

  4. Stop when your profit margins have decreased by 20%.

  5. Change the wagering setting before you play your last spin.

  6. Log out and if you play with an app, uninstall.

  7. Clear the history of the browser and delete cookies and files.

  8. Don’t play for 3 weeks.

  9. Sign back in and reload the app if needed.

  10. Go to the last game you played; you will see the default settings are back to normal.

Easy! Now you can play, build your profits, move across the different games and get away with it… every month!